Get on the free guestlist for DJ Vice at Marquee Las Vegas on Monday 10/16/2017! 

Get on the free Party guestlist for DJ Vice at Marquee Las Vegas on Monday 10/16/2017!

Guestlist Details: Ladies free before 12, even ratio free party before 12Even Ratio Required: Your free party must be at least half female.

Signing up for a guest list does not guarantee entry. Appropriate attire is required. Guestlist may close early if venue reaches capacity. The venue reserves the right to refuse entry for any reason.


DJ Vice

DJ Vice loves mixing because he loves music and has since he was young. It is a way for him to express himself and show what he is feeling. Listen for him during the Cali-Caliente Powermix weekends to see for yourself.

Mixing has always been in Vice’s blood. Mixing since the 8th grade, he played dances, house parties, even a barmitzva. He once heard what he considered a horrible street team mixer and said to his friends, “…Damn, I need to be on the radio”.


DJ Vice is also known for the mix CD’s he puts out worldwide every other month. He feel’s radio is a very important aspect of breaking new music but the streets are just as important. Vice say’s “…some records are huge in the clubs but you have never heard them played on radio there meant for the streets!!” Be on the lookout at your local mom and pop record stores for his hop-hop and R&B mega mixes that please both radio listeners and the underground heads.



The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV 89109

United States

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